Patrol Systems has created two versions of our CAD & RMS software.  First is a low cost, professional Microsoft Access Version that is designed for smaller applications:


RMS - Records Management System keeps track of many tasks (employee tracking, parking citations, daily activity reports, etc

CAD - Computer Aided Dispatch assists dispatchers with keeping track of on-duty staff and active calls for service

MDC - Mobile Data Computers - See MDC Area for more information


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Main Menu - Here is a screen shot of our main menu.  You can see the many functions our software can handle




CAD Main Screen - This is the main window for the Dispatch Module, you can see active calls, active units and who is assigned to calls.





New Call Entry - This is the form that Dispatchers will enter new calls for service, a history is also provided for the caller and location(s)





Citation Entry - Here is where Citations are entered for tracking & violator history.







Patrol Report - This is a per-activity report that tracks activity from staff.  This is a good alternative to Daily Activity Reports as  you can track and print reports based on any number of criteria.









Employee Entry - Here is where you can keep track of your staff, their personal contact information, etc






Client/ Location Entry - Here is where you can enter client or location information for tracking information






Post Orders - This was designed to track and print out details for specific locations or clients for your staff to take when them as needed to make sure the job gets done.





Microsoft Access Version Prices:

RMS - $999.00

CAD - $999.00

Both RMS & CAD - $1599.00


Online PHP, AJAX and MySQL Version Prices:

Hosted $199 to $499 monthly

Purchase $30,000