As a factory trained/ certified dealer for Telex Dispatching Systems, you can trust that we can help you from design through installation and years of support and upgrades.


With VoIP technologies, dispatch centers can be upgraded with less downtime and adding dispatcher positions and hardware is more plug-n-play than traditional analog systems.  Also, you can setup remote dispatch centers, remote radio towers, and more using a high-speed internet connection.


If you have two office locations, instead of setting up two separate dispatch centers, you can connect the two and reduce costs by having one dispatcher handle radio and phones from both locations at the same time.


You can even connect an iDen phone to be part of the entire system, so your dispatcher only needs access to one headset and one computer monitor. 


Our software and hardware combines the following into one complete package:

  • Phone Lines

  • Base Station Radios

  • Tone Remote Systems

  • Nextel Radios (iDen)

  • Remote Phone Lines

  • Remote Base Stations

  • Input/ Output Alerting or Controls


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C-Soft System - Includes a Desktop Computer, 17" LCD Monitor, with optional touch screen monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, HB-3+, speakers, dispatch headset and pre-installed software.


IP-223 - adapter provides a reliable means of remotely controlling up to two, two-way radio base stations. The adapter interconnects to Vega's C-6200 IP console or the C-Soft Windows console by means of any available Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, including wireless. And now, the IP-223 can be optionally compatible Tetra radio systems, commonly found throughout the world. It is also now capable of decoding 5/6 tone signaling.


The HB-3 Plus contains its own microprocessor and software, giving it intelligence and the ability to control multiple inputs and outputs. The adapter operates in two distinct modes. The PC mode is compatible with C-Soft and allows for the use of standard dispatcher quality accessories with the C-Soft application. The second mode, legacy console support, allows the HB-3 Plus to connect to a Vega console through the headset jack and gives the dispatcher access to the advanced features of the HB-3 Plus.


The NEO-10 is a network-based Enput/Output device that has 10 DPDT relays and 10 inputs for monitoring external events.  Anytime a relay or input changes, the NEO-10 sends out multicast packet bursts, allowing all users to see status updates in real time.   Actual control of the NEO is accomplished by a TCP/IP socket connection from the controlling console.


The NI-223 gives dispatchers the ability to remotely control the functions of Falcon Class iDen phones, much the same as they can with mobile radios. Users will be able to change groups, initiate and terminate calls, as well as communicate directly with the phone user. These functions will be available to all dispatchers on the network.

The iDen phone is connected to the NI-223 via the accessory connector. The NI-223 connects directly to a Telex/Vega IP-223 on the IP network. The NI-223 provides power to the iDen phone and passes caller ID information back to the console giving the dispatcher access to valuable tracking information.


The PIB-223 virtually eliminates echo that has been previously common to telephone conversations over an IPradio dispatch network. Dispatchers will experience significant improvements in audio performance when placing and receiving land-line phone calls from their dispatch position. Additionally, a single phone line can now be a shared resource among several IP-based dispatch consoles in a facility. By utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, the PIB-223 virtually eliminates echo that has been previously common to telephone conversations over an IPradio dispatch network.



The C-6200 is a multi-line full-featured desktop control console designed with VoIP Technology for use with conventional radio systems.  The C-6200 is a self-contained DSP-based console that does not require CEB or under-the-desk CPU equipment. The C-6200 can be easily connected to any internal Ethernet network by connecting a standard 10/100 base TX cable to the back of the unit and assigning it an address, thus allowing for an unlimited number of C-6200 consoles to have full control and functionality over the system.


IP-1616 is the first 8-line, VoIP only, full-featured desktop control console on the market. Its small footprint makes it an ideal solution to crowded desktop radio control positions. It is compatible with Vega’s other VoIP products—the C-6200, IP-223, IP2002, and C-Soft. By virtue of being part of Vega’s overall VoIP solution, any radio or console resource on the network can be monitored and controlled.


The IP-2002 is a two-line, full-featured desktop control console for use with conventional radio systems.

With a self-contained dual processor, the IP-2002 does not require a CEB or CPU equipment. The IP-2002 connects to any internal Ethernet network, allowing for an unlimited number of consoles to have full control and functionality over the system.