Patrol Systems has created an affordable CAD | RMS | MDC | DISPATCH Solutions for Police, Fire, Ambulance and Private Industries.

Our software and hardware solutions are designed by police and security personnel to provide efficient and needed dispatching solutions.  Our software is easy to use and many users can learn most functions in less than 1 day of training.

We can help you design an entire Dispatch Solution, from Software to Dispatch Hardware using the latest technology.

We have VoIP and RoIP solutions where you can dispatch virtually around the world from 1 to many locations and any authorized PC or Laptop can be connected remotely and have full dispatch and phone capabilities.

Available Options Includes: (check for prices and availability)


Requirements - MS Access Version:

Windows PC Based.

Microsoft Access 2002 or better is required.

LAN - Networking for software

Webserver for MDC and Online Software


Requirements - Online Version:

Internet Accessible Computer, PDA or Phone

Internet Explorer 6 or better