CIPSD provides you with all features you need to replace your old paper reporting and to start using the exciting new online reporting system. Our support team will install the script on our server and then you can start saving money, while speeding up your client reporting. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3...

  • RMS - Records Management System helps Keep track of your daily operations online.  Clients can only view information related to them

  • Parking System allows for online payments, online reporting and management of parking permits and violations

  • DAR & Patrol Reports your staff can now complete their Daily Activity Reports online for instant access.

  • Incident Reports can now be accessed and completed online.

  • MDC mobile computing access for 1 button patrol reporting, vehicle tracking (GPS Module Required) and data entry.

  • Automatic Client Emails  help enhance your reporting by offering Daily, Weekly and Monthly automatic email reporting.

  • CAD Computer Aided Dispatch. Our CAD is very powerful and its automated assist is easy to use.