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The Telex Network Recorder allows you to monitor and record audio for any channel in real time. Plus, it stores detailed information for each call and event in the Network Search Engine, a SQL database for quick and easy retrieval. Stored information includes:
  • Source IP addresses
  • Channel changes
  • Crosspatch creation and teardown
  • Supervisor mode start and end
  • ANI
  • Time
  • Date
  • Line number
  • Call duration
  • Scan status
  • NEO-10 relay and input logging

    Using the Telex Network Recorder, you can access an extensive amount of call information and sort and refine your searches with a high level of detail. For example, you can search for all calls made by a particular user during a particular time period on a particular channel. A screenshot of the search software can be viewed by clicking on the right arrow in the flash image below.

The recorder system is available in configurations from 12 lines to 150 lines and comes pre-installed on an HP business class computer.  The 12 line version of the recording software runs on a standard business class computer.  This is the only version available on the lower end computer.  The recorder-xHD line is shipped on a higher end computer.  It comes standard with dual drives which are mirrored to protect data in the case of a hard disk failure.  It also includes a UPS to further protect the system from power disruptions.  The HD version is available in line configurations of 12, 24, 50, 100, and 150 lines.

The recorder represents another major piece of the solution offered by Telex.    The product is backed by the same great support you have come to expect from all Vega products.  Please give us a call to discuss your application and pricing.  The pricing will surprise you!